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Jardinains! does not serve any advertisements.

In-App Purchases

Jardinains! uses a custom-built server to track in-app purchases. This server saves purchase receipts and authorization tokens to ensure that purchases are valid and to provide support for people who make in-app purchases. These purchase receipts may contain basic personal information such as names and email addresses. These purchase receipts will also include details about a given purchase, including time of purchase and verification codes. At no point is any credit card information or other sensitive financial data passed to, or stored on, Magic Chopstick Games servers. All sensitive financial data is handled by well-established third-party payment processors. Depending on where you got your copy of Jardinains!, sensitive financial data will be handled by Apple, Google, Stripe, or Steam.

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Jardinains.com website:

The Jardinains.com website uses Google Analytics to help analyze our web traffic. The website also saves standard server logs similar to what all web servers save. The information in these logs includes your IP address, the time of your visit, what browser you're using, and the names of webpages and images you've requested. It does not include personal information.

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